Suo, a Puerto Rican graphic artist from Jersey City, New Jersey, has been aiming to become a well-known and well-rounded artist. Initially born in Hoboken, he moved to Jersey City after he graduated high school. From then on, he went to Hudson County Community College and pursued his dreams of becoming a creator. Initially, he had no intentions of becoming an artist until one day he had to make the choice of being that or an engineer. Going for his certificate in digital arts and design put him in classes that shared most of the skills he knows now. While he didn't pay much attention in school and tried to focus more on living his life, once the business started, he began taking on new challenges and learning new skills along the way.
HCCC taught him the fundamentals of graphic design, mostly tracing images, learning color theory, creating contrast and balanced compositions with two-dimensional designs, photography, and videography! With these skills, after he got his certificate, he began creating his own art with the knowledge he grasped. Thirsty for more experience, he couldn't help but continuously purchase new equipment. He bought a camera, took the time to understand everything it was capable of, and consistently put out work on social media! Little by little, he slowly gained a following and found people who were interested in his style and kept booking him to supportĀ his dreams.
With all the support, Suo kept trying to grow his career. He began drawing characters, putting them on clothes, stickers, magnets, pins, and posters! He wanted the world to see his work because he felt comfortable in his environment. After upgrading his camera and laptop and even starting an insane collection of old cameras, he kept trying to find more ways to capture everything he wanted. With all of this, he hopes one day he can share the knowledge he's gained with his peers to help those who follow a similar path.
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